State Police Make Two DWI Arrests within an Hour in San Juan County


State of New Mexico
Department of Public Safety

San Juan County–On Friday, April 19, 2013, between the hours of 6:30 and 7:30 p.m., State Police made two DWI arrests in San Juan county; resulting in both drivers being charged with child endangerment.

Jaqueline Foster (32) of Waterflow NM was located by State Police after an Attempt to Locate (ATL) was given by a concerned caller because Foster was at a local store and had a strong smell of alcohol coming from her person. A description of Foster and her vehicle was given over the air by Dispatch. A State Police officer in the area noticed the vehicle and pulled it over. Contact was made with the driver, Foster. A DWI investigation followed, ultimately leading to Foster being arrested. Foster also had her young children (four of them, two to eleven years old) in her vehicle. Foster was charged with DWI, child endangerment, and open container.

Following the Foster arrest within the same hour, State Police made an arrest on US 550 in Bloomfield. A traffic stop was initiated on a speeding vehicle. Contact was made with the driver, Ramona Zamora (45) of Albuquerque NM. A DWI investigation ensued and Zamora was arrested for DWI. Zamora also had her two children in the vehicle (ages four and fourteen). Zamora was charged with DWI, child endangerment, speeding and open container.

Both Foster and Zamora were arrested and booked into the San Juan County detention center on their charges.

Due to the proactive patrols of State Police in the San Juan county area, the lives of young innocent children were saved from a potentially disastrous event.

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Contact: Sergeant Emmanuel Gutierrez