SIU Source Investigations

Agents of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) routinely investigate complaints and referrals concerning violations of the New Mexico’s liquor, gambling and tobacco laws. The majority of these complaints involve providing alcohol to intoxicated persons and to minors. To target these and other crimes, SIU agents conduct a number of enforcement operations, including plainclothes patrols and inspections of licensed liquor and gaming establishments, underage compliance, “Cops in Shops” operations, and source investigations.

Source investigations are conducted to identify the “source” of alcoholic beverages that have been:

  • Sold or served unlawfully
  • provided to minors
  • provided to intoxicated persons
  • provided to person(s) involved in serious incidents and vehicle crashes, or
  • provided to those arrested for DWI

The primary goal of a source investigation is to determine the identity of the seller, server or provider of alcoholic beverage, and to determine whether or not the provider was acting within the law.

If the alcoholic beverages have been sold illegally, the Special Investigations Unit will prepare and file appropriate criminal and administrative charges against the provider.


In addition to the penalties provided in Section 60-6C-1 NMSA 1978, knowingly selling or giving alcoholic beverages to minors is a fourth degree felony and the offender shall be sentenced pursuant to the provisions of Section 31-18-15 NMSA 1978.

Law enforcement agencies and concerned citizens are encouraged to contact the SIU with referrals, questions or concerns regarding violations. Accredited training is available for law enforcement agencies interested in alcohol enforcement programs.

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