Special Investigations Division could be the next step in your police career!


The tasks of a DPS Special Investigations agent are as many and varied as the agents themselves.




“Public safety” is our primary goal as we exercise authority over all investigations and enforcement activities of the Liquor Control Act. That might include training local police, or working undercover assignments, or even conducting white collar “follow the money” complex investigations. SID agents are fully functional agents with full police authority statewide.
The Special Investigations Division also administers and oversees the New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry Act – from certifying the instructors to doing the background checks to actually issuing the permits.
Other complex investigations in a variety of types come our way on a regular basis. Plus, there are operations regularly all over the state that require our presence – from compliance checks, to community events, to warrant round-ups, to statewide public safety initiatives. Being an SID agent means, “No two days are ever the same!”
If you think you have what it takes to meet the challenge of the Special Investigations Division, click on the Interest Card to have someone contact you to learn more about this job, or go straight to the State Personnel website to begin the application process!