Special Investigations Unit

6301 Indian School NE, Suite 310
Albuquerque NM 87110

Main Telephone
(505) 841-8053 Mon – Fri
(505) 841-9256 After Hours/Weekends
Fax: (505) 841-8078

Mission Statement

Serving the citizens of New Mexico through enforcement of New Mexico State Statutes and Administrative Code, as well as conducting complex specialized investigations with integrity and professionalism.

If you represent a licensed liquor establishment and would like to request training for your staff, complete and submit this email form.

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is a law enforcement unit of the Department of Public Safety. Officers have statewide jurisdiction and, in addition to general law enforcement powers, have statutory authority to issue administrative citations to liquor licensees and servers. This unique ability to take administrative action renders SIU the principal unit for enforcement of the Liquor Control Act. SIU is a major contributor in the state’s effort to reduce DWI, alcohol-related crashes and underage drinking.
The unit performs a wide range of Enforcement and Regulatory activities statewide:

  • Premise inspection at licensed liquor establishments
  • Compliance Operations
    • Underage enforcement operations
    • Tobacco compliance operations
  • Source investigations
  • Investigations into the illegal sales of alcohol to intoxicated persons
  • Financial investigations
  • Undercover operations
  • Training of city and county police officers, community groups and industry employees.

NM Regulation and Licensing Department

Alcohol and Gaming Posters             POSTERS:

A.   Licensees shall display the following posters in full public view within the licensed premises.  The director will prescribe the forms and sizes of the posters and will make copies available to all licensees:

(1)     posters giving notice the law prohibits the carrying of any operative firearm on a licensed premises;
(2)     posters warning of the dangers of drinking alcoholic beverages during pregnancy;
(3)     posters identifying areas of the licensed premises in which minors are prohibited, unless accompanied by a parent, adult spouse or legal guardian; and
(4)     posters warning of the dangers of, and penalties for, driving while intoxicated.

B.    Licensees may, with the director’s prior approval, develop and use posters of their own design that contain the same information required in this section. Any such posters shall be valid only if bearing the director’s stamp of approval.
[7/15/99; Recompiled 12/31/01]