NM Search & Rescue


As established by the SAR Act of 1978, Department of Public Safety (DPS) is the “control agency”, the Agency having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for SAR activities in the State of New Mexico.  The New Mexico State Police (NMSP) division of DPS has been tasked with the management and administration of operations that are come under the auspice of the SAR Plan.

When a SAR incident occurs, the NMSP Incident Commander is tasked to managed the incident, within the guidelines of the Incident Command System and to maintain the standard of care as established by the Department of Public Safety.

The Incident Command System is a flexible system of management that has a predetermined chain of command and is to be utilized on all emergency responses in the state.  By implementing ICS, the SAR responders, to include volunteers and other agencies personnel, are assigned positions within the system and know who they report to and who reports to them.

Operation and Administrative Procedures and Polices

In developing the standard of care for SAR operations, the AHJ has developed training, procedures and polices.  Click the link to access the documents.