New Mexico Applicant Processing Service (NMAPS)

Electronic Background Check Services
Effective November 4, 2013

New Fingerprinting Service Coming for New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry

New Mexico Department of Public Safety will begin requiring applicants for background checks to utilize a new service, New Mexico Applicant Processing Service (NMAPS). This requirement will be temporarily waived for NM Concealed Carry applicants.

The two fingerprint cards currently required will continue to be accepted until January 1, 2014 at which time applicants will be required to use the new NMAPS service. In an effort to improve the fingerprinting process, DPS has contracted 3M Cogent to improve public availability of fingerprint services, shorten background check response times, increase applicant convenience and control the rising costs of this service.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions received in response to the new fingerprint process New Mexico Applicant Processing Service (NMAPS) schedule to begin January 1, 2014.

Question: Why are we changing what has been working just fine?

Answer: The basic answer is changes are being made to improve customer service. The old process of using fingerprint cards had a 30% rejection rate for prints sent to the FBI requiring a reprint of the applicant and slowing down the process of getting the license to the applicant. The new process virtually eliminates the rejects as well as speeding up the process for submission to the FBI and receipt of the responses reducing the turnaround time for licenses.

Question: Is there a cost increase with the new service?NMAPSlogo2small

Answer: No. The applicant fee will remain $100.00. The 3M Cogent webpage does list the cost for fingerprinting as $44.00 but that cost will come out of the $100.00 applicant fee.

Question: What will the process be for applicants getting fingerprinted?

Answer: The Concealed Carry applicant will go to a 3M Cogent center, pay the $44.00 for fingerprinting and then take or mail their application and other documents in to the NMDPS Concealed Carry and include a copy of the 3M Cogent receipt. Instead of paying the $100.00 for a new license or the $75.00 for renewal they will pay the remainder by subtracting the $44.00 already paid. New license will be $56.00 and renewals $31.00 after paying the 3M Cogent fee of $44.00

Question: Where are the fingerprinting centers located?

Answer: Cogent has a map with location and times of operation here


Concealed Handguns in Certain Licensed Liquor Establishments

30-7-3 NMSA
Amends ยง30-7-3 to allow persons to carry a concealed handgun in a restaurant licensed to sell only beer and wine that derives no less than 60% of its annual gross receipts from the sale of food for consumption on the premises, unless the restaurant has a sign posted prohibiting the carrying of firearms, or the person is verbally instructed by the owner or manager that the carrying of a firearm is not permitted in the restaurant. Read the Law.