NMDPS Forensic Laboratories Bureau

District Attorney Liaison

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) Forensic Laboratory Bureau established the DA Liaison position for the purpose of assisting the professional relationship between forensic scientists and attorneys throughout the state of New Mexico.

Trial Scheduling & Analyst Availability

ScheduleThe DA Liaison is continuously undertaking steps to serve all attorney offices around the state of New Mexico better. Therefore, every office may submit listings of upcoming trials to obtain case status, assigned analyst, and analyst availability. This may provide optimal insight and forecasting for upcoming trials.

Submission of SubpoenasSignature

Attorney offices throughout the state may submit analyst subpoenas electronically via email to the DA Liaison with a read receipt to ensure the document was received. However, this emphasis does not eliminate our capability to accept documentation via fax. The system is designed for the purpose of simplicity. We request all subpoenas indicate the primary point of contact, to include a phone number, email address, and a secondary point of contact. This ensures our laboratories connect with the appropriate individuals regarding subpoenas.

Trial Status Updates

Justice The laboratory’s general rule is to initiate contact for the purpose of trial status one week prior to the scheduled date of trial. However, regardless of time or notice, we encourage all offices to send periodic updates of motions filed, potential pleas, or continuations to the DA Liaison as soon as they are made available. This ensures our analysts availability to serve all entities throughout the state equally and efficiently.




Helpful Hints

  • Always obtain the laboratory case number from the case agency (13-0001-DPS) to ensure all case evidence has been submitted to the laboratory.
  • Contact the DA Liaison immediately, once any trial date has been set, to ensure analyst availability and analysis timeline.
  • Any request to expedite analysis for the purpose of trial must be accompanied by an official notice of trial or trial subpoena.

NOTE: We do not resend or forward subpoenas to SLD laboratories or OMI. Please ensure all legal documents are directed to the correct location.