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New Mexico Applicant Fingerprinting Service (NMAPS)

In order to support this public service more proficiently, DPS is pleased to announce the implementation of the New Mexico Applicant Processing Service (NMAPS). This applicant background check solution will be totally electronic and will provide New Mexico residents the means to complete their required federal and state background checks quickly, conveniently and at the lowest possible costs.

NMAPS will go into effect beginning November 5, 2013. DPS is partnering with 3M Cogent, to improve public availability of fingerprint services, shorten background check response times, increase applicant convenience and control the rising costs of protecting New Mexico residents.

DPS is excited to launch this new process and we are eager for agencies to be part of the electronic fingerprint solution. DPS is committed to providing quality customer service and support to our end-users and are thankful for your continued support, patience, and commitment to the NMAPS program and the law enforcement data collection system.

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Questions should be directed to the NMAPS email address at

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Numerous state laws require applicants, licensees, or benefit recipients to submit to a national fingerprint based background check.
These include: Fingerprint Screen

  • Teachers
  • Child care providers
  • Health care providers
  • Accountants and attorneys
  • Security guards
  • Concealed carry applicants
  • Others

As part of your application process, you most likely submitted a set of two (2) fingerprints cards directly to the authorized state agency you are applying to or being licensed by. In every instance your first point of contact to check on the status or any delay of your application should be the agency you initially submitted your application and prints to. The time delay between the time your prints are received by your sponsoring agency and when they are submitted electronically or manually to DPS rests entirely with that agency. Once prints are submitted to DPS electronically, and your prints are of sufficient quality, under normal circumstances your agency will receive a response from DPS within 24-48 hours, and from the FBI within 48-72 hours (weekends excluded). Prints submitted to DPS and the FBI as manual submissions typically receive responses within 7-14 working days.