Drunk Busters

Drunk Busters is a system which allows good drivers to quickly and effectively report suspected DWI drivers through the use of a toll-free number and cell phone convenience key.

  • 877-394-4258 (877 DWI HALT) is the Toll Free Hotline.
  • #394 / #DWI is the convenience key for cell phone.

#DWIWhen placing a call to the Drunk Busters Hotline an operator will ask you the following questions (remember, the faster we get this information, the sooner we can dispatch the call to the appropriate enforcement agency):

  1. What is the exact location of the suspected drunk driver? Give the name of the road and a cross road. If traveling on a highway, note the mile marker and the direction of travel.
  2. What is the color, make, model and license plate of the vehicle? These are details which will help us clearly identify a vehicle from others.
  3. Describe what the vehicle is doing. Swerving. Not maintaining their lane or speed. Running into curbs or dividers. These are good indicators of an intoxicated driver.
  4. The operator will ask for your name and telephone number in case we need further information on the suspected driver. All calls may remain anonymous.

Please use common sense when telephoning Drunk Busters. It is a line for suspected drunk drivers and is not intended for reporting common traffic violations, such as speeding or running stop signs.

If you are contacting Drunk Busters from a cell phone while driving a car, please be aware of local ordinances governing cell phone usage. Although, there are no state wide restrictions on using a cell phone while driving in New Mexico, there are local laws restricting cell phone use. Hands-free cell phone accessories must be used while driving a car within certain municipalities.

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Contact Information

Terri Thornberry
Communications Director
New Mexico State Police
Phone: (505) 827-9244
Email: Terri.Thornberry@state.nm.us