DPS Personnel Policies

PRS:01 State Police Reinstatement
PRS:02 Tuition Reimbursement Policy
PRS:03 Promotional Standards
PRS:04 Workers Compensation Administration
PRS:05 Inactive Personnel Files
PRS.11 State Police Duty – Injury Leave
PRS:12 Demotion Policy
PRS:13 Fitness for Duty
PRS:14 Holiday Duties
PRS:15 Absences from Work
PRS:16 State Police Officer Pay Plan with Attachments
PRS:18 Resignations
PRS:19 Modified/Limited Duty
PRS:20 Personnel Files
PRS:21 Drug & Alcohol Testing
PRS:23 Involuntary or Voluntary Separation from Employment
PRS:24 State Police Transfers with Request Form
PRS:25 Use of Breast Pumps in the Work Place with Request Form
PRS:26 Classified Employee Compensation Policy
PRS:27 Performance Appraisal & Development Policy
PRS:28 Victim & Witness Assistance
PRS:30 Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking Involving DPS Employees
PRS:33 State Police Work Performance Evaluations
PRS:34 Investigations Bureau-Agents’ Selection Process
PRS:35 Employee Assistance Program