DPS Administrative Policies

ADM:01 Policy & Procedure Development
ADM:03 Grievances
ADM:04 Internal Investigations Policy with Complaint Form
ADM:05 State-Tribal Collaboration and Communication
ADM:06 Vehicle Usage
ADM:07 Equal Employment Opportunity
ADM:08 Clothing Allotment Reimbursement with Allowance Form
ADM:09 Tobacco Use
ADM:10 Responsibility and Request for Keys
ADM:11 Use of Social Networking-Blog Websites
ADM:12 Jury/Witness Fees
ADM:13 Carrying of Firearms
ADM:14 Alternate Work Schedules Program with Agreement
ADM:15 Maternity Paternity Leave
ADM:16 Physical Fitness Time with Fitness Standards
ADM:17 Maintenance Requests
ADM:18 Fleet Crashes
ADM:19 Inventory System with Inventory Form
ADM:22 Safe Driver Program
ADM:23 Coordination of Grants
ADM:24 State Police Uniforms, Grooming & Equipment
ADM:25 Employee Death Protocol
ADM:26 Standard of Conduct
ADM:27 Personnel Relocation Expenses
ADM:28 Medals & Awards
ADM:29 Law Enforcement Records
ADM:30 Tool Allowance
ADM:31 Access to and Use of Computer-Based Resources
ADM:33 Contracts & Joint Powers Agreements
ADM:34 Anti-Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
ADM:35 DPS Facility ID Badge
ADM:36 Investigation and Resolution of Complaints Procedures
ADM:37 Tattoos And Body Piercings
ADM:38 Fees for Offense Incident Reports & Accident Reports
ADM:39 New Mexico Sex Offender Apprehension Program
ADM:40 Front Door Entry
ADM:41 Early Intervention Personnel System
ADM:42 Procurement Card Program Policy
ADM:43 NMSP Organization and Administration and Org Chart
ADM:44 NMSP Planning, Research and Operational Development
ADM:45 Americans with Disabilities Act Reasonable Accommodations
ADM:46 Risk Management
ADM:47 Discipline
ADM:48 IT Incident Security
ADM:49 IT Operations Management
ADM:50 Alternative Dispute Resolution Final
ADM:51 Telework Program