Brittany Alert FAQs


  • What is a Brittany Alert?
    A Brittany Alert is a notification that gets sent out statewide similar to that of an Amber Alert, creates a notification system for law enforcement when an individual with severe physical, mental or developmental disabilities is reported missing.
  • What are the criteria for a Brittany Alert?
    This advisory is a notification relating to an endangered person who is confirmed to be a missing person:

    • Whom there is clear indication that the person has a developmental disability.
  • When did the NM Brittany Alert go into effect?
    The Brittany Alert law will take effect on July 1, 2016 signed by Governor Susana Martinez.
  • What if you believe a family member is missing and falls under a Brittany Alert?
    Contact your local law enforcement immediately. The sooner this information gets out, the better.
  • What information will I need when reporting to law enforcement?
    The information from the Brittany Alert Report Form. This information includes basic descriptors of the missing person, info pertaining to their age and mental state, last known location, vehicle description if a vehicle is involved, and an updated photograph.  

*It is very important to include the most recent photograph in color.

  • What happens when a Brittany Alert goes out?
    The Department of Public Safety sends the alert to all media outlets for broadcast. Information included are general descriptors, last seen location, photo etc.  Information will go statewide, unless there is specific evidence leading one to believe the loved one is in the general area.
  • What to do if one sees the Brittany Alert person?
    Dial 911 immediately and notify authorities.

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